Sandblasting machinesInjector, pressure or dust-free sandblasting machines!

Sandblasting machines are an essential part of any surface treatment. They can be used to polish, matt or clean any surface. We can achieve different surface types by adjusting pressure, sandblasting material and/or changing the nozzle.

Our MMAMUT sandblasting machines are as standard equipt with pressure regulators, and can achieve from 0,1 and up to 12 bars, and are field-tested 50+ years. They are used all over the world in the toughest condition and require minimal maintenance. If any maintenance is required all machines have large maintenance openings for easy access.

50 Years of SAPI GmbHMAMMUT sandblasting machines can be equipt with our SAPI QUICK STOP safety system for safe and economical operation. Because of our »deadman« switch, the SAPI QUICK STOP system will in a matter of seconds stop sandblasting process if the worker drops the nozzle. This can also be used as a practical and economical solution when in the middle of the process user needs to stop sandblasting to change the position or adjusting anything on the machine. By simply releasing the »deadman« switch, all sandblasting will stop but this will not release the pressure from the machine. So the process of sandblasting can continue in a matter of seconds just by pressing the »deadman« switch. This will result in lower consumption of air and fuels (in the case when using diesel compressors).

We offer sandblasting machines and equipment for all your sandblasting needs.
If you are still not sure what you need don’t worry, our sandblasting experts will help you find the best economical and practical solution.

Advantages of using SAPI Mammut sandblasting machines:

  • Wet or dry sandblasting
  • Dust-free solution
  • Low-pressure solution for restoration (you can use as low as 0.1 bars)
  • Easy maintenance (large maintenance access)
  • You can use any nozzle*
  • You can attach breathing filers directly to the machine
  • Can be equipt with SAPI sandblasting material cleaning system
  • Can be equipt with SAPI QUICK STOP System
  • German in house production
  • 50+ years of experience

Frequently asked questions

What kind of sandblasting material i can use?

Well, that depends on few factors. Type of surface and what surface you want to achieve. But you can use any material from 0.09 to 1.4 m grit size.
The only limitation you have is in the case of injector machines we don’t recommend the use of metallic sandblasting materials, as they are too heavy for injector based machines and will render it ineffective.

Can I use normal quartz sand for sandblasting?

You can use normal quartz sand with our machines but we don’t recommend it!

In the EU the use of normal quartz sand for sandblasting is banned. Not only is not safe for your and others health, but it’s also wasteful as it’s normally not that coarse and you will need to push your compressor and nozzle harder to achieve the same result when using a good quality sandblasting material. We recommend using cooper slag, glass perls, any metallic abrasive or corundum.

We also supply the sandblasting material, so get in touch to get the best offer!

Good to know:

Can I sandblast dust-free inside a closed space?

Yes. We offer machines where dust and debris are removed with the help of special filtration vacuum machines.

Our PR50 machine is purpose build for a small workshop that requires occasional sandblasting of smaller parts. This injector dust-free sandblasting machine is efficient and economical but it’s recommended only for sandblasting smaller parts or for example removing small rust patches from cars.

DINO lineup is our dust-free pressure machine that offers higher pressures and faster sandblasting (compare to injector). We recommend DINO machines for cleaning welds inside the workshop for example.

Looking for a dust-free sandblasting solution? Get in touch!

What is the difference between the injector and pressure sandblasting machines?

Injector based sandblasting systems are normally not that complex machines as they are usually just a pot for sandblasting material and mixing of material and the air is done inside the sandblasting nozzle or so-called »head«. The vacuum created inside the nozzle creates a vacuum and this vacuum then sucks the material up the hose where it is again mixed with propelled air from the compressor into the surface.

This system is less efficient and less powerful, compared to a pressure-based system but it does not require such a big compressor.

Pressure based sandblasting systems are the staple of sandblasting. They are efficient and powerful.
Our machines are tested to withstand the continuous use of 12 bars. Pressure sandblasting machines can achieve this efficiency because the entire sandblasting machine is under constant pressure and this pressure pushes sandblasting material thru the sandblasting valve where is again mix with additional moving pressure air that propels the material with higher speed from a nozzle onto any working surface.

For large surfaces and if sandblasting is required for more than 4 hours per day its recommended the use of a pressure sandblasting machine. Pressure machines, on the other hand, require a compressor with a minimum of 3000 litres per minute of constant airflow for a 60 litre Mammut machine.

Not sure what system is best for you? Contact us!

What sandblasting nozzle do i need to use?

We have found out that our customers usually use a 7 mm boron carbide nozzle for pressure machines and a 5 mm boron carbide nozzle when using an injector machine.
But there are a variety of nozzles and nozzle materials that we offer.
What nozzle to use for what sandblasting project depends on some factors:

  • Size of airflow of your compressor
  • What type of sandblasting material you will use
  • What kind of surface you would like to achieve
  • Will you sandblast wet (with water mist) or dry
  • … etc.

There is no simple answer. If you are not sure. Contact us, our experts will help you decide.

What addtional equpiment do i need?

Don’t worry our offers usually include a complete package.

Need more information? Contact us today.

Are sandblasting machines Mammut save for everyday use?

Yes. All our machines and manufacturing process is under strong regulations. All our machines are TUV complied and are export-ready as they comply with all EU laws.

All machines are regularly tested and can withstand 12 bars of constant pressure for 10+ years, also all the machines come with 12 years worldwide warranty*

SAPI sand blasting machines comply with all currently valid safety regulations. The high quality standard of blasting equipment, our service and trained staff provide optimal support for our customers.

SAPI pressure blasting machines are suitable for all commercially available blasting media for dry or wet blasting. All SAPI blast pots are TÜV tested up to 12 bar.

The devices are primed and impact-resistant. A detailed operating manual is enclosed with each blasting unit. The blasting units are approved for export to other countries. All Sapi blasting units can be equipped with high performance Venturi blasting nozzles.

Capacity in litres:  25/60/100/140 / 200,..
Height in mm: 700/1130/1130/1360 / 1360,..
Diameter in mm: 300/360/490/490 / 600
Total diameter in mm: 500/700/900/900 / 1000
Weight in kg: 40/60/75/100 / 140
Hoses size: 1/2 “/ 1” / 1 “/ 1 1/4” / 1 1/4 “

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