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Sandblasting cabins are completely enclosed sandblasting machines that are 100% safe to use in any business industrial environment.Sandblsating cabin doors

Sandblasting cabins are an essential tool with any surface preparation. Sandblasting cabins are usually divided into 2 sub-categories, injector sandblasting cabin, pressure sandblasting cabins, then we can divide them into Manually sandblasting machines and Automatic sandblasting machines.

What type and size are right for you depends on what kind of sandblasting do you do. Do you sandblast a lot of smaller parts 8 hours each day, then, in this case, an automatic pressure sandblasting cabin would be the most economical solution for you.

50 Years of SAPI GmbHIf you don’t sandblast every day for 8 hours or more then a manual injector sandblasting cabin can be best suited for your needs.

But don’t worry, our experts will ask you the right questions so we will always offer you the optimal solution for your sandblasting needs! Just call or write to us, our sandblasting experts are waiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use normal sand as sandblasting material in sandblasting cabin?

Short answer, NO!

Since the sandblasting cabin is a closed sandblasting system that by law has to have a filtration system attached to it, sandblasting with normal quartz sand would in a few seconds fill the entire sandblasting cavity with fine dust particles and the filter system would not be able to clean it properly so first you visibility would suffer and the most important, your health would suffer. By EU law sandblasting with normal quartz sand is prohibited. It would also clog up the filter system and cause premature defects. Having an efficient filter air cleaning system is a must to protect workers health and the environment.

Good to know:

What is the difference between the injector and pressure sandblasting cabinet?

The main difference is the speed and effectiveness of sandblasting material to clean the surface.

An injector sandblasting machine is usually a» simpler« machine where sandblasting material is dumped into the machine. Material is then sucked via vacuum from the bottom of the sandblasting machine to the mixing chamber that is part of the nozzle where it’s mixed with air and then propelled from the nozzle onto the sandblasting surface.

Pressure sandblasting machines have usually at the bottom attached a smaller pressure pot where sandblasting material falls into. Once the user starts sandblasting,  the pressure pot closes and starts to pressurize to the desired pressure, then the material is passed with pressure from a single hose were is then propelled from the nozzle onto sandblasting part.

What are the benefits of injector sandblasting cabins?

The main benefits of injector sandblasting machine are they are more gentle on the sandblasting surface.

Our customers reported that when working with fragile and thin aluminium they prefer gentle low-pressure injector sandblasting machines. Injector sandblasting machines don’t require such a high airflow so that means that the compressor can be smaller and cheaper as well.

The other benefits are the price as injector sandblasting machine are usually cheaper than their pressure counterparts.

But if you require high pressure and speed then you need to look for a pressure sandblasting machine!

What are the benefits of pressure sandblasting cabins?

With one word, speed. There are more benefits to owning a pressure sandblasting machine but one stands out speed. Pressure sandblasting in sandblasting machine is the hands-down fastest way to remove rust from any kind of metal, old paint, old dirt or even baked dirt doesn’t stand a chance, with pressure sandblasting you will remove it.

Sure, the injector sandblasting cabin will eventually remove the same dirt or paint from parts but it will take longer to do so.

But this pure power comes with a cost, normally sandblasting pressure cabins require much higher airflow and thus require a bigger and more expensive air compressor. Also, overall maintenance is a little higher because pressure sandblasting machine relay on pressure pots mounted at the bottom of sandblasting machine, but because of time you save while sandblasting it may in the end just be a cheaper option.

Not sure if your business requires a pressure sandblasting cabin? Call our experts, together we will find the right solution for you.

What sandblasting cabin is the right for my business?

One of the regular questions we get from our buyers is what kind of sandblasting cabin to buy? Well, there is no simple answer. How we usually get this answer is by asking the following questions:

  1. What will you sandblast?
  2. What sandblasting material will you use?
  3. What kind of compressor you currently have?
  4. How much per day do you sandblast?
  5. Do you require an integrated filter system?

So, call us and we will discuss with you and find the best solution for you

What filter do I need to use with sandblasting cabins?

What kind or how powerful filter system (or vacuum) you need to use depends on the following factor.

  • Size of your sandblasting machine
  • Frequency of sandblasting
  • What type of material do you use?

If your sandblasting machine is small lier our Widder 70 and you sandblast maybe an hour or two per day and you are sandblasting with glass pearls or corundum then we would recommend you to use our TURBO II or TURBO III.

But if your sandblasting cabin if sandblasting cabin is bigger, like our T-REX 140 you sandblast 8 hours a day then we would recommend our »Cartridge Filter Suction Unit PC 2«. If you are somewhere in between and you can blast maybe 4 to 5 hours per day then PC1 or even »Filter bag extraction/suction unit TFA 1 and 2« would be a great fit for you if don’t sandblast 8 hours per day.

But don’t worry if you call our experts they will recommend the right filter system for your sandblasting cabin.

Is it possible to have an injector and pressure cabins in one sandblasting cabin?

Yes! We at SAPI have developed a unique sandblasting machine that combines the best of both worlds. Injector and pressure in one sandblasting machine are possible with our T-REX lineup.

So by deciding on T-REX 100 or T-REX 140 you will have the option to use an injector or pressure sandblasting at your fingertips.

Selecting which system to use, is as simple as flipping the switch.  And the best part is that T-REX can come with an integrated filter system so is really a great All-in-One solution for any sandblasting needs.

How can I increase visibility in the sanblasting room or bad visibility in sandblasting cabin?

If you experience bad visibility in your sandblasting cabin then the issue must be one of the following:

  • filter system you are using is not sufficient or it is clogged up
  • your lighting is poor,
  • you are using a wrong sandblasting material
  • rubber lining is worn out and needs changing

If you immediately after a few second of sandblasting see the cloud of dust in your sandblasting area then your sandblasting material is either worn out (bad), too fine of sandblasting material, or altogether you are using the wrong type of sandblasting material. If your sandblasting area fills up with dust and you cant see after a few minutes your filter system is insufficient or completely clogged up with dust from previous sandblasting jobs. When your filter is working ok and no or little dust is present while sandblasting but you still struggle with visibility then it is time to upgrade your lighting to new modern LED-based lighting. The last thing that everybody usually forgets is the inner rubber lining. When the sandblasting cabin is new, the rubber lining is a bright yellow colour, and the light will reflect and bounce off the wall easily.  But over the years of sandblasting the lining will become darker. That means, that the light will absorb by the lining and this can decrease overall visibility, especially if your lighting and filtration system is poor.

Still, having an issue? Call our sandblasting cabin experts, they will help you find a solution if you experience any kind of problem with our sandblasting cabins.

What kind of maintenance is required when owning sandblasting cabins?

The first and the most important everyday maintenance is, cleaning the filter system. Our TFA 1/2 and PC 1/2 both have a cleaning system in place for easy maintenance. We recommend that you clean up the dust from the collector bin daily so they don’t become overfilled.

Regular cleaning of the rubber lining will extend the lifespan of the rubber lining and keep the visibility at maximum.

We also recommend that you regularly check the safety switches and if the filter is properly attached as sometimes the vibrations or if you move sandblasting cabin from area to area can become loose and the vacuum power will decrease.

Is sandblasting in sandblasting cabin safe?

Yes. Our sandblasting machines are made in Europe and are designed and built by us in our Germany Factory. They are all TUV certified. They are tested and improved with each version, year by year.

SAPI sandblasting cabins are equipped with all necessary safety switches. For example, if doors are not sealed 100% the cabin will not start and therefore dust cant escape the sandblasting area if you or your workers forget to close the door properly. The door switch will immediately stop the sandblasting process in case doors are open when sandblasting.

All our cabins are rated to prevent escaping 99.99% of all dust particles. If your company require that air is vented outside via vent exhaust, that is also possible.

We recommend that you clean the sandblasting area and the sandblasting part with compressed air after you are finished sandblasting and while the air filter system is still running to prevent any dust or debris from exiting the cabin.

We recommend that you leave the filtration system running a few minutes after you are finished with sandblasting so that the air inside the cabin is 100% dust-free.

When following all percussions while sandblasting in our sandblasting cabins is completely safe.

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