PR 50 | Injector | vacuum | dust-freeMobile pressure blasting equipment

The pr 50 is simple and easy to use. It is one of the most economical and environmentally harmless equipment, the blasting grit is sucked via vacuum immediately once it leaves the surface. The cyclone system then separates grit from dust and waste particles. The re-usable sandblasting material falls down to the blasting material container. The dust and waste particles are stored in a vacuum pot and can easily be easily disposed of.

As a standard, the included equipment is a flat brush and a 3,5 m length hose.

The extraction system is equipped with a polyester-/cotton filter and it can be separated from the machine so the vacuum cleaner can be used as a dry or wet extractor without the sandblasting unit attached.

You can use corundum, slag, glass beads or any plastic material, of course, the choice is limited by the surface you are working on.

Our experienced personnel will recommend the optimal sandblasting material for your application.

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Specially made for sandblasting of welds and smaller surfaces, for stainless steel, in metalworking companies, body workshops, paint shops, car dealerships, steel construction companies, glaziers. Cleaning and restoration businesses and stonemasons.

Blasting agent recommendation:
Corundum, slag, glass beads, plastic granules

Air consumption: 400-800 ltr/min
Pressure 3-12 bar
Volumen: 50 liter
Power consumption: 1.080 Watt/230 Volt
Sandblasting preformance 1-4 sqm/h (it depents on a surface)

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