SAPI sandblasting container

Sandblasting containers are a great solution for any business that requires any kind of sandblasting work, they come in different sizes from standard 20-ft to large Jumbo containers.

They can be adapted to your needs and specification. They come fully* assembled and equipped with everything sandblasting needs, mobile Mammut sandblasting machine, breathing filters and in-build room filtration system that will clean the air and remove any harmful particles exiting sandblasting area.

All our containers are lined but premium rubber lining that can be replaced when needed. For better visibly all lights are LED-based and are protected with tear-off foil which will reduce downtime. They are essentially maintenance-free. In case visibly is reduce, user can simply tear off foil and expose new clean fully transparent foil underneath and work can continue in few second.

Our SAPI patented floor conveyor system will make sure that clean-up is minimal as it will automatically move the material that will fall on the floor to the clean-up system where the good material will once again be dumped into the sandblasting machine.  Our flat conveyor system can cover the entire floor or can be just “central” so as to reduce cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

When sandblasting container is best option?

If you have limited space but your business relay on best performance with minimal costs. In past, this was only possible with sandblasting hall now you can have a small hall that is also mobile* and can move from site to site.
Because all systems are more or less attached to the container, the move can be cost-effective (if you compare the moving of entire sandblasting hall).

Other benefits include:

  • Shorter time from order to delivery
  • Smaller investment (compare to the hall)
  • Completely custom (if needed) solutions
  • Custom arrangement of sandblasting room/equipment room (if needed)

What can I be sandblasting in sandblasting container?

Well, here you are limited only by the size of the sandblasting container. In the case of 20 foot (standard) container, your sandblasting room size is 5,9m x 2.4m x 2.7m (approx.). So you need to consider what will be your “largest” sandblasting part you will usually work on and then decide accordingly.
You can also choose one of our Jumbo Containers that will double this size so contact us, we will find a solution.

What kind of sandblasting material I can use in sandblasting container?

Because the sandblasting container will have a filer system installed you can use any kind of multiple-use sandblasting material. Our patented flat conveyor system will take care of the clean-up and our air filter system will clean the air inside the sandblasting room.

For what industries sandblasting container is best suited for?

  • Metal and steel constructors
  • automotive industry
  • vehicle and bodywork workshops
  • painters
  • medical technology companies
  • mechanical engineering companies
  • And many more…

Sandblasting containers usually consist of which parts?

  • Blasting material separation system
  • Sandblasting device
  • Floor flat conveyer system
  • Cartridge filter system
  • Crane (for lifting heavier parts) (optional)
  • PLC system control
  • LED lightning system
  • Safety system (like auto-stop when doors are open), emergency stop,. Etc

This are main parts. Other such as sandblasting hose, sandblasting nozzles, breathing air filters, and etc, are specified regarding on custom offer.

Can you sandblast in sandblasting container with quartz (normal sand) sandblasting material?

No. Since the filter system is designed for multi-use sandblasting material and the quartz material will produce a lot of dust it can overwhelm the system and reduce the life span of the system or cartridge. So we recommend the use of sandblasting material like: Glass beads, Metal iron, ceramic beads or any other harder material that is rated for multiple-use.

We didn’t answer your question?

Don’t worry our experts are here to help. There is no wrong question. So contact us are sandblasting container experts are waiting for your call.

The sandblasting treatment takes place in via our high-tech and effective sandblasting with state-of-the-art air cleaning system, which separates smashed abrasive or other impurities like fine dust and other particles. When ferritic and mineral blasting materials are used in a blasting hall, the blasting material is at the same time guided by electromagnetic drums, separated and temporarily stored in a divided blasting material storage bunker.

Quality and tradition


In the blasting container, workpieces made of steel are blasted manually. A fully automatic blasting material cycle in the blasting hall enables effective and fast workflow. Steel blasting/chilling/ stainless steel abrasives or glass blasting beads are intended as the blasting abrasive.

Blasting work is lined with special made rubber sheets that are resistant to material impact and offer a long lifetime. The dust-air cartridge filter system, the blasting fan and the blasting agent preparation are housed and protected usually behind the sandblasting hall so easy operation with the machine is possible while work in the hall is on-going.

Interior view of a SAPI blasting container with an integrated flat conveyor system for the return of the blasting material with integrated blasting material preparation. Here, the SAPI blasting container is used for the surface treatment of stainless-steel components. When using the new SAPI vortex sandblasting nozzle, the stainless steel surface after treatment has a silky-glossy finish.

The Sapi sandblasting container with 20 feet, consisting of a sturdy box profile frame with welded-in wall and ceiling panels made of steel beaded sheets. With crane eyelets on the upper corners. Bottom sheet steel is also prepared for transport. With front door, approx. 2.90 x 3.50 m, 2-winged. Doors. Left is with window and rubber protection as well as pusher and lock . The right door usualy is with wents and external rod lock. Sapi sandblasting containers can always be adapted to your wishes and needs.

The SAPI blast media preparation in sandblasting booths

Trenching in stable quality, which is particularly suitable for sandblasting systems. Elevator belt is made of 5-ply plastic fabric with a rot-proof design, with screwed-on steel cups.

At the elevator-top part are the tensioning station and the drive motor. On the lower pulley, there is speed monitoring of the bucket elevator so in case of problems the elevator stops automatically

Generously dimensioned maintenance openings facilitate easier maintenance’s.

The sifter is used for the reliable separation of useful and no longer usable abrasive or other impurities (dust particles, coarse foreign bodies such as screws). For cleaning of coarse parts and foreign bodies, a vibrating sieve is installed.

The separated coarse material falls through a downpipe in a container. Particulate matter is sucked off into the filter unit and useful blasting material is returned for reuse. Blasting agent silo has 100 l  of storage and acts as the buffer between the cleaner and the blasting unit for intermediate storage of the blasting material.

SAPI cartridge filter “Schirocco” PC 4 TV / 3.000m³ / h in compact design, consisting of:

  • The filter housing and dust funnel with dust pot in compact design made of welded sheet welded steel.
  • Filter cartridges open – antistatic Revision door hinged, with compressed air tank incl.
  • Solenoid valves for cartridge cleaning

Automatic air cleaning for the filter cartridges is programmable and controlled. Centrifugal fan and also filter pressure reducer with automatic venting with a pressure gauge is mounted in the filter housing with a drive motor.

The high efficiency allows the return of the filtered air. This means lower energy costs for heating and ventilation because the filtered air is already at room temperature. The high efficiency is also of at most important in view of the increasingly strict environmental regulations, especially with regard to hazardous dust particles.

The filter cartridges are individually cleaned by means of pressure-air surges. The remaining filter cartridges remain in operation as cleaning of one is in progress. The resulting dust falls into a dust pot so that it can be collected and disposed of safely and easily.

For all types of industries

Oil and gas industry
… etc.

If container is too small? Check our sandblasting halls!

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