Injector sandblasting cabins

Our high-quality and efficient blasting cabins are designed for continuous industrial use and prove their worth every day under the toughest conditions.

Each blasting cabin is universally applicable and can be used with any commercially available blasting medium. In order to achieve optimum blasting results with our blasting cabins, we will offer you an ideal blasting cabin filter and extractor recommendations that suit your business needs.

No matter which surface you achieve and which abrasive you want to use – we will advise you on our blasting cabin variants and blasting cabin accessories!

Looking for a special or unique blasting cabin?

We recommend a discussion with our experts/technicians, who will gladly submit you a tailored offer that will meet your business needs.

For all our blasting cabins we give the SAPI guarantee!

Universally applicable for: cleaning, rust removal, descaling, hardening, deburring, roughening, compacting, polishing.

Suitable for all commercially available blasting agents, e.g. Chilled cast iron, corundum, glass beads, ceramic beads, etc.

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