Premium Precision sandblasting | 60 Liter | with quick-stop systemPrecision low-pressure sandblasting machine

The SAPI-Low-Pressure-Soft-Blasting-Machine is specially appropriated for gentle surface cleaning and is continuously adjustable from 0,1 – 8 bar of pressure.

The SAPI-Soft-Blasting-Machine in many ways has been proven for the restoration of historical buildings like natural brick-masonry and brick-working, as well as at figure building constructions the SAPI-Low Pressure-Soft-blasting-Machine has proven over many times.

The SAPI-Low pressure soft blasting Machine is by standard equipped with the VARIO-mildblasting–nozzle-technique and can be used optimally in three various sandblasting techniques.

The new PREMIUM sandblasting device has proven and perfected quick stop device in a small compact design.

Because of Quick stop device, the pressure inside the machine is not lost during the pause or in case you need to adjust the workpiece. 
As soon as you want to start sandblasting again with the simple push of a button machine is 100% ready with no pressure loss, it saves you time and money.

And in case of emergency (the nozzle is dropped,..) the quick stop system will react and in 1-5 second the sandblasting will be stopped.

Also, the material harmful condensation when using high pressure compressed air in the blasting vessel is reduced or prevented.

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Min. Pressure


Max. Pressure





Whirl stream-, flat stream- or Venturi stream principle.

This new variation potential of 3 blasting techniques open up an almost unlimited area of operations as well as by low-, middle- and high pressure.

The application can be done by dry- humid- or wet processing, it depends upon a field of application.

Concerning this kind of technique, in many cases, one can renounce on environmental-damaging chemicals. So, you can contribute to protecting the environment.

  • Fastest off and switch-on times, whereby the regulations of the professional associations are kept. (VBG 48)
  • The pressure adjustment can be exactly adjusted for the real blasting work, from 0,1 – 8,0 bar continuously adjustable regulated..
  • Lower blasting material consumption, since the pressure vessel remains permanent under pressure, and thus no unnecessary follow-up movement of blasting material affected.
  • By a respawn start the full blasting pressure is immediately present at the nozzle and does not build up slowly, thereby the lowering the blasting material consumption and with this lowering the abrasion by the blasting hose.
  • No humidity formation (condensate) in the vessel, since the vessel remains constant under pressure, and will not be by with each start and stop deaerated and aerated. By this procedure at the same time still different advantages result as follows:
  • Optimal blasting material metering with a hardened fine metering valve
  • Lower compressed air requirement, thereby high lowering of the fuel consumption (Diesel)
  • One-man handling, since the blasting pressure will be constantly indicated by the vessel pressure and can be changed simply at the manometer, without starting before.
  • No interference unit parts as control valves, membrane and seals, thereby uncomplicated maintenance and reliable in operation. It is only to be controlled the blasting hose at the quick stop safety device and exchanged if necessary (control from the outside anytime possible!).

Specific fields of application:

In the protection of historical monuments–restoration of natural stone, metals and wooden surfaces. The new PREMIUM fine blasting device allows perfect gradual cleaning with preservation of the patina. Furthermore, different surfaces can be matted, polished and deburred. A special field of application is the removal of flue gas condensate in post-fire restoration. Here high sensitivity is asked for and very sensitive blasting devices like our new Sapi PREMIUM fine blasting device are the perfect fit.

Cleaning of:           

Sandstone, lime-sand-stone, shell limestone, marlstone, greywacke granite, tuff stone, marble, travertine, marl, Keene’s cement, granite, foam mortar, exposed aggregate concrete, brick, ceramic, clinker, glass, Plexiglas, aluminium, iron, stainless steel, wood, plastics, fire damage, i.e.


  • Restoration of monuments – gradual cleaning with preservation of the patina
  • Fire damage renovation (carefully removing flue gas condensate)
  • Graffiti removal on different materials and surfaces
  • Facade cleaning: stone, brick, plaster, concrete and wood surfaces
  • Dispersion paint on brick-facade, plaster etc.
  • Incrustations on ceramics or tiles, glazed and non-glazed
  • and many other applications

For gentle surface treatment we recommend the following fine-sand-blasting-media:

  • Glass powder flour fine: 0,09 – 0,25 degree of hardness acc. to Moh’s 6 – 6,5
  • Calcite powder flour (stone powder flour) 0,01 – 0,02 mm acc. to Moh’s 3,5
  • Garnet sand 0,04 – 0,1 mm acc. to Moh’s 8

For normal sandblasting works we recommend all commercial sandblasting media, as for example:  Cinders, Cast shot, Steel grit, Corundum, Glass pearls etc.

Volume:60 Liter
Height:1000  mm
Diameter of tank:400 mm
Total diameter:720  mm
Weight:ca. 90  kg
Fixed tubes inside and outside:1 “

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