Mammut 200 Liter | Pressure sandblasting machineMobile pressure sandblasting machine

The SAPI-pressure sandblasting machine is equipped with a two split pneumatic safety quick stop (in- and outlet valve). The quick stop guarantees a fast switch in- and off time.

The unit is equipped with a pressure regulator and is continuously adjustable from 0,1 to 12 bar pressure.

The pressure sandblasting machine is suitable for all classical blasting works in the high-pressure range and can be used if necessary also in the low-pressure range. This is an advantage when sandblasting sensitive surfaces, such as thin-walled sheet metals, stainless steel, natural stone, etc.

With this technology sandblasting can be done without polluting chemicals in many cases, and thus you can also contribute to environmental-friendly protection.

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Volumen:200 Litre
Total height:1.130  mm
Vessle diameter:360  mm
Overall diameter:1000  mm
Weight:ca. 140 kg
Fixed tubes inside and outside:1″1/4

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