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We at SAPI always strive to improve on an existing design. And in 2019 we improved our SAPI sandblasting hoses and called them with the new name 1. Qualität. When buying your next sandblasting hose, look out for 1. Qualität name, as this is the mark that the sandblasting hose is made and tested to the highest standards.

All our 1. Qualität sandblasting hoses have an abrasion less than 35mm3 , that means that it will withstand any sandblasting material and 12 bars of pressure for long period of time.

1. Qualität sandblasting hoses are constructed from reinforced rubber and hight quality anti-tear mesh insert. 1. Qualität sandblasting hose are tough but still flexible enough for easy transportation and manipulation by the user. The life time is of course depended in what conditions sandblasting hose is used, but we guarantee a long-lasting life with proper care and maintenance.
Sandblasting hose that is used in sandblasting hall will “normally” last more time then hose that will be dragged over and over on construction site.

Sandblasting hose is considered on of the most important part of sandblasting. It can make your sandblasting job easier or it can complicate things.
When you consider what size or what length sandblasting hose to buy there are some factors that you must consider.

Are you using an injector so pressure sandblasting machine?
Do you sandblast indoor or outdoor?
What kind of pressure are you using and what is your sandblasting pot size (litre).

All these factors are important when selecting your new sandblasting hose.

Not sure what size and length 1. Qualität sandblasting hose you need?
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13x3,5 mm 1. Qualität <35mm³

16x7 mm 1. Qualität <35mm³

19x7 mm 1. Qualität <35mm³

25x7 mm 1. Qualität <35mm³

32x8 mm 1. Qualität <35mm³

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an 1. Qualität sandblasting hose?

1. Qualität is the mark that stands for high-quality sandblasting hose with less than 35mm3 of abrasion.
1. Qualität will last longer and will withstand more abuse than normal “non” 1. Qualität hose.

What are the benefits of the 1. Qualität sandblasting hose?

The main benefit is longevity. It’s constructed with high-quality rubber and has a high-quality nylon mesh insert which makes sandblasting hose tough but still flexible enough for manipulation.

When do I need to replace my 1. Qualität sandblasting hose?

When you see any drop in pressure (that is not machine-related) or immediately when you see any size (even small 1 mm one) puncture or even if you hear hissing sound coming from anywhere on your hose.

We recommend that hose is inspected before you start any sandblasting work, or if the sandblasting hose was not in use for a long time, to prevent any injuries to users or machines.

What kind of sandblasting hose do I need?

This is a tough question to answer simply as it depends on many factors:

– What kind of sandblasting system you are using, injector or pressure?
– What is the size of your sandblasting pot (container)- litre?
– What is the size of the sandblasting nozzle (mm) you are using?
– Do you sandblasting outside or inside the sandblasting hall?

If you are using an injector, you need a smaller size and length of the hose, as the pressure will drop too much if you use the bigger hose that is also “very long”. So, with injector machines, we recommend 13.5 x 3.6 mm with a maximum length of 5-10 meters or 16×7 mm with a maximum length of 5 meters.

When using a pressure machine with for example 60 litre pot, and you are sandblasting outdoor with the 7 mm nozzle, we recommend 25 x 7 mm with a maximum length of 40 meters.

For other comparisons please consult our graph.

Do I buy a longer or shorter size sandblasting hose?

We always recommend buying at least a few meters longer sandblasting hose you need. Whit this you can make your hose straighter (or with wider bends) without any sharp corners. When you eliminating sharp “corners” or “breaking” of the hose you are extending the lifespan, because the material will not impact the corners but will rather be guided along the walls of the sandblasting hose.

Should I buy one longer hose or smaller “sections”?

It depends on your usage. If you sandblasting inside the sandblasting hall, one longer hose is better, but if you sandblasting outside, our customers have reported great success buying for example two 20-meter hoses rather than one 40-meter hose.

Buying more than one section, and then chaining them together offers you greater flexibility on the sandblasting site, this can be more economical and it also makes the overall weight of the hose lighter compare to one 40 meter one.

For example: If you buy 2 pieces of 20-meter hose you have together 40 meters of combined length when you need it, but if you don’t need that length all the time, you can simply detach one section.

This will reduce your material consumption (how many times you will need to fill up the machine) and also the pressure drop will be less noticeable since your compressor will not have to compensate for additional 20 meters of hose that you don’t need.

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