Empowering Industries with Sandblasting and Powder Coating solutions


Empowering heavy duty industries with top-notch surface solutions

Our painting booths are designed to provide a controlled environment for the application of paint, coatings, and other finishing materials. With proper ventilation, filtration, and lighting systems, our booths ensure a clean and safe work area for the operators.  We take pride in manufacturing top-notch equipment that empowers industries such as automotive, aerospace and heavy equipment to achieve consistent, high-quality finishes on their products

Our sandblasting halls and sandblasting containers are equipped with ventilation and dust collection systems for a safe and clean work environment. Our sandblating halls allow for efficient and precise control of the sandblasting process, resulting in a cleaner and smoother surface finish. Suitable for various industries, our sandblasting halls empower our customers to achieve desired surface finish on their materials.

We create surface treatment solutions!

Large to small sandblasting and painting equipment

We offers a wide range of sandblasting and painting equipment to meet the needs of any industry. From large, industrial-scale machines to smaller, more specialized equipment. With our versatile range of equipment, you can easily scale up or down to meet the demands of your project.

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Large and small wet paiting and drycoating solutions

We offers large-scale wet and dry painting solutions for industrial applications. Our advanced technology, we are able to provide efficient, high-quality painting results that meet the demanding standards of various industries.

Flexible sandblasting solutions for all industries

Whether you need to remove surface contaminants from large structures or require precision finishing on small components, we have the perfect solution. Our flexible equipment can handle any job, from heavy-duty industrial operations to specialized projects.

Fully customized solutions for industry

With our fully customized sandbalsting, wet, or dry coating solutions, you can be sure that you are getting equipment that is tailored to your specific requirements and needs, making your operations more efficient and productive.
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Because powder coating is not a liquid, it can produce thicker coatings than liquid coatings without running or sagging, and powder coating produces minimal appearance differences between different coated surfaces


Hybrid bettwen sanblasting container and sanblasting cabin

Large 3.52 x 2,34 x 2,50 m Sandblasting room

JUMBO sandblasting cabin is completely new line of product.


The Ultimate versatile Sandblasting mobile unit

Suitable for both on-site and in-shop operation

Powerful, versatile sandblasting machine designed for any industrial use

SAPI Sandblasting Cabins

A Wide Variety of Options for Every Need

Perfect fit for any industry.

Wide variety of customizable sandblasting cabins

SAPI Strahlkabinen

We provide solutions for any industry

We provide tailored solutions for any industry, using advanced technology and expertise. Our team is skilled in providing solutions that improve efficiency and productivity for our clients.

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