SAPI JUMBO CABINSAPI JUMBO Sandblasting cabin is a hybrid bettwen sanblasting container and sanblasting cabin

SAPI JUMBO sandblasting cabin was designed from the ground up as a completely new line of product, never seen before in sandblasting world, with easy Plug and play solution there is no onsite installation necessary, just connect the power and compressed air…

SAPI Spray Painting boothsSAPI Spray paint and drying booths are tailored and implemented for each customer-specifically

The new generation of paint booths must meet the highest EU requirements. The consideration of new paint systems, e.g. Hydro-lacquers, polyurethane resin, epoxy-zinc dust or epoxy-iron-mica-paints places high demands on an old paint shop system solution so that’s why we developed new and unique mobile painting booth for the next generation of coating solutions.

SAPI Sandblasting hallare tailored and implemented for each customer-specifically

SAPI Sandblasting halls/plants with 50 years of tradition and proved quality. SAPI engineering team is continually50 Years of SAPI GmbH improving the design and functionality of our sandblasting halls/plants.

SAPI Powder coatingPowder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a dry powder (free-flowing).

Because powder coating is not a liquid, it can produce thicker coatings than liquid coatings without running or sagging, and powder coating produces minimal appearance differences between different coated surfaces

SAPI Sandblasting Technology

Mobile-pressure blasting equipment

For each application, the right pressure blasting device Performance and reliability fulfil all actual valid safety regulations.

Low-Pressure Sandblasting Devices

The Vario mildblasting-nozzle-technique sets new benchmarks in speed and efficiency of surface cleaning and restoration.

Dust free sandblasting Vaccum Devices

The SAPI Pressure Recycling Blasting Machine are compact and versatile vacuum blasting machines.

Sandblasting Cabins

SAPI Sandblasting- Cabins stands for reliability, effectiveness and for perfect Surface Treatment.

Sandblasting and Painting Halls

SAPI Halls impress with their sophisticated technology and offer a full range of modern and environmentally friendly jet sandblasting technology.

Sandblasting and Panting Containers

Sapi Containers are ideal for all Sandblasting applications for Industry and Handicraft

Sand blasting accessories
  • Sandblasting helmets
  • Sandblasting masks
  • Sandblasting wear and protective clothing for
    professional and hobby sandblasters
Sandblasting nozzles
  • Sandblasting nozzles
  • Flat Sandblasting nozzles
  • Pipe Sandblasting nozzles
  • Round Sandblasting nozzles
  • Venturi Sandblasting  nozzle



SAPI specialist for sandblasting / thermal galvanizing and coating, all from one source.


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In our modern sandblasting and painting halls we can sandblast, galvanize, prime and paint workpieces or objects made of stone, wood and, of course, steel constructions,..etc. We use state-of-the-art SAPI sandblasting equipment and employ sandblasting professionals to achieve the best quality for our customers.

SAPI = quality and tradition

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