JUMBO Sandblasting cabin

SAPI JUMBO Sandblasting cabin is a hybrid bettwen sanblasting container and sanblasting cabin. SAPI JUMBO sandblasting cabin was designed from the ground up as a completely new line of product, never seen before in sandblasting world, with easy Plug and play solution there is no onsite installation necessary, just connect the power and compressed air.

It offers a large 3.52 x 2,34 x 2,50 m  Sandblasting room in a compact footprint.

SAPI engineering team designed an integrated custom slim and compact sandblasting system, that will despite its small size offer great sandblasting capabilities and long-lasting life with easy maintenance access.

We have also designed a compact one-of-a-kind air filtration system that cleans and recycles the air in the sandblasting cabin efficiently.

The ease of use what the main goal when designing the JUMBO sandblasting cabin. We integrated breathing air and compressed air connectors into the celling the user can connect or disconnect from the system in a second without leaving additional air hoses laying on the ground.

SAPI RGY safety system provides simple to read colour lights that will show when its safe to open doors and will notify users of any potential error.

SAPI Jumbo sandblasting cabin floor is covered in our patented SAPI flat conveyor system. The system collects loose sandblasting material and other debris from the floor and transports it into our patented sandblasting recycling system, where good sandblasting material is reused while other debris is collected in a sperate bin, so cleaning after sandblasting is minimal.

SAPI LED lighting system will offer optimum from ceiling to floor visibility with 2 roof-mounted LED lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the sandblasting area in the JUMBO Sandblasting cabin?

SAPI Jumbo sandblasting cabin offers large 3.52 x 2,34 x 2,50 m sandblasting area.

What are the outside dimensions of the JUMBO sandblasting cabin?

External dimensions are:

Total height 2,728 mm

Total width 3,087 mm

Depth 3,692 mm

What kind of air compressor is required for SAPI JUMBO sandblasting cabin?

We recommend any kind of air compressor with airflow between 2000 l/min to 4000 l/min.

Of course, it depends on what kind of nozzle you will be using (size of the nozzle).

Still not sure if your compressor if enough?

Call our experts for advice free of charge.

What kind of sandblasting material can be used in SAPI JUMBO sandblasting cabin?

We recommend only re-usable high-quality sandblasting material. Sandblasting with normal quartz sand is not allowed as it would clog up the filter system and this may result in damage to the filter or other systems of the sandblasting cabin.

Technical specifications

SAPI Jumbo overall size:

Total height:  2.704 mm
Total width:  3.159 mm
Depth:  3.692 mm

Blasting room inside:

Width: approx. 2.340 mm
Depth: approx. 3.540 mm
Height: approx. 2.510 mm

Air consumption:   from 2.000 to 4.000 l/min.

Sandblasting hose:  16×7 mm (outer diameter=30 mm) – highly abrasion resistant

Blasting head equipment: Blasting nozzle Ø 6,0 mm (optionally also other diameters)

Air pressure:  0,1 to 12 bar

Total weight:  3.800 Kg

Max. grit upload capacity:  approx. 500 kg

Varnish basic body: RAL 7016 anthracite grey

Electrical connection: 400 volt

Power consumption: approx. 3,5 kW

Quick information

Constructional part:

Sandwich panel for walls and ceiling
Connecting profiles of steel sheet
Two-winged gate anti-blast protective rubber lining for walls and gate
LED-blasting hall lamp for ceiling installation

Air technical part

Cartridge filter device,

Automatic blasting medium circle:

Flat conveyor system in the floor
Grid cover for flat conveyor system
Electric driving unit for flat conveyor system
High-efficiency blasting medium processor

Pressure blasting device:

Pressure blasting pot 38 ltr.
Sandblasting hose with a blasting nozzle
Personal safety equipment


In the blasting hall, steel parts can be sandblasted manually. The workpieces are brought in and out through a gate. All dry, fine-grained, mineral blasting media can be used. The blasting medium is collected by the flat conveyor system during the blasting process and transported to the high efficiency blasting medium processor by the blasting medium suction device. The pressure blasting device is filled automatically. The dusty air is cleaned by the cartridge filter. All aggregates are installed into the hall.

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