Premium Precision sandblasting | 200 Liter | cyclone cleaner – vacuumMobiledruckstrahlgeräte

Mobile blasting system for manual sandblasting of all kinds of workpieces with sandblasting material recycling.

After the blasting process, the blasting material is manually collected and put into the collecting funnel that is positioned on the floor. The blasting material is sucked through the funnel suction device and then pulled through the cyclone cleaner. Dust is exhausted and collected in the dust container. Coarse parts are separated via a sieve.

The clean blasting material drops back into the pressure blasting vessel once the machine depresses and the material is ready for re-use.

This is a very economical and effective solution for mobile blasting works with a semi-automatic blasting material recycling.

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  • fastest off and switch-on times, whereby the regulations of the professional associations are kept. (VBG 48)
  • The pressure adjustment can be exactly adjusted for the real blasting work, from 0,1 – 12,0 bar continuously adjustable regulated..
  • lower blasting material consumption, since the pressure vessel remains permanent under pressure, and thus no unnecessary follow-up movement of blasting material affected.
  • by a respawn start the full blasting pressure is immediately present at the nozzle and does not build up slowly, thereby well below blasting material consumption and evidence lower abrasion by the blasting hose.
  • No humidity formation (condensate) in the vessel, since the vessel remains constant under pressure, and will not be by with each start and stop deaerated and aerated. By this procedure at the same time still different advantages result as follows:
  • Optimal blasting material metering with a hardened fine metering valve
  • One-man handling, since the blasting pressure will be constantly indicated by the vessel pressure and can be changed simply at the manometer, without starting before.
  • no interference unit parts as control valves, membrane and seals, thereby uncomplicated maintenance and reliable in operation. It is only to be controlled the blasting hose at the quick stop safety device and exchanged if necessary. (control from the outside anytime possible!)

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