Mammut 100 Liter | Pressure sandblasting machine with safety quick-stop deviceMobile pressure sandblasting machine

Mammut 100 Liter is equipped with a pressure regulator and is continuously adjustable from 0,1 to 12 bar pressure.

The pressure sandblasting machine is suitable for all classical blasting works in the high-pressure range and can be used if necessary also in the low-pressure range. This is an advantage when sandblasting sensitive surfaces, such as thin-walled sheet metals, stainless steel, natural stone etc.

With this technology sandblasting can be done without polluting chemicals in many cases, and thus you can also contribute to environmental-friendly protection.

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  • Fastest switch-on and -off times, whereby the regulations of the professional associations are kept. (BGV 26)
  • Lower blasting material consumption, since the pressure vessel remains permanent under pressure, and thus no unnecessary follow-up movement of blasting material occurs.
  • After been restarted the full blasting pressure is immediately present at the nozzle and does not made up slowly, thereby broad lower blasting material consumption and evidence lower abrasion of the blasting hose.
  • No humidity formation (condensate) in the vessel, since the vessel remains constantly under pressure, and won’t get deaerated or aerated with each start or stop. By this procedural method simultaneous also other advantages result as follows:
  • Optimal blasting material metering with a hardened fine metering valve
  • lower compressed air requirement, thereby high lowering of the fuel consumption (Diesel)
  • One-man handling, since the blasting pressure will be constantly indicated by the vessel pressure and can be changed simply at the manometer, without starting before.
  • No interference unit parts as control valves, membrane and seals, thereby uncomplicated maintenance and reliable in operation. The only thing needed to be controlled is the blasting hose at the quick stop safety device and exchanged if necessary.
    (control from the outside possible at any time!)

Das SAPI-Strahlgerät ist einsetzbar bei nahezu allen Strahlarbeiten und eignet sich besonders gut zum Entrosten, Entzundern, Entlacken, Aufrauen und Verdichten von Edelstahloberflächen Die Einsatzgebiete sind die Oberflächenbearbeitung bei Eisen, Stahl, Edelstahl, Mauerwerk, Putz, Beton, Naturstein u.v.m.

Für Strahlarbeiten empfehlen wir alle handelsüblichen Strahlmittel, wie z.B. Schlacke,

Hartguss, Stahlkies, Korund, Glasperlen etc.

Für die schonende Oberflächenbehandlung empfehlen wir folgendeFeinstrahlmittel–Sorten:

– Glaspudermehl fein 0,09 – 0,25 mm Härtegrad nach Moh`s 6 – 6,5

– Calcitpudermehl (Steinpudermehl) 0,01 – 0,02 mm nach Moh`s 3,5

– Granatsand  0,04 – 0,1 mm nach Moh`s 8

Volume: 100 Litre
Total height: 1.130  mm
Tank diameter: 360  mm
Total diameter: 700  mm
Weight: ca. 75  kg
Fixed tubes inside and outside: 1

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