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SAPI cartridge filter “SCHIROCCO” PC

SAPI bag filters TFA

Sapi Cartridge Filter PC 1 and PC 2 for Sapi Hand Sandblasting cabins

Cartridge Filter Suction Unit PC 1/2

  • A compact filter unit in a lacquered sheet steel housing, with all necessary inspection openings,
  • with built-in filter cartridge for highly efficient, dust-free dedusting (efficiency for fine dust particles up to 99.9%).
  • Easy cleaning of the cartridge during operation by a compressed air blast.
  • Due to the integrated counterflow chamber of the pre-separator, a large part of the dust particles are sucked directly into the removable dust collector.

For daily blasting work (between 4 – 8 hours)


Technical specifications:

Model PC 1 PC 2
Effective filter area: 10 m² 20 m²
Blower motor 0,55 kW 1,5 kW
Height: 1,52 m 2,43 m
Length: 0,50 m 0,85 m
Air output ca. cbm / h: 800 1500

We reserve a right to minor or major technical changes without further notice.

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Sapi Taschenfilter TFA 1 und 2 für Sapi Handstrahlkabinen

Filter bag extraction/suction unit TFA 1 and 2
Filter bag extraction suction unit TFA 1 and 2 are a compact unit in a sturdy sheet steel housing with all required inspection openings. Through an air deflection rail, the pre-separation of the coarse dust occurs. The fine dust is separated in the filter bags, which can be shaken off, if necessary, can be easily cleaned from the outside by means of a hand-shaking lever. The fan sits in a soundproof chamber. The clean air leaves the unit at the top of the device.

For daily use (between 1 – 4 hours)

Technical specifications:

Model TFA 1 TFA 2
Effective filter area: 4,5 m² 4,5 m²
Blower motor 0,55 kW 0,75 kW
Height: 2,43 m 2,43 m
Long: 0,65 m 0,65 m
Width 0,55 m 0,55 m
Air flow approx. Cbm / h: 600 900

We reserve a right to minor or major technical changes without further notice.

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