Büffel 100 | Injector sandblasting cabin with integrated filter systemInjector sandblasting cabin

  • Universal applicable Combi-Blasting cabin for economical, highest efficiency effectuation for all blasting operations
  • Suitable for all current types of blasting material
  • From practitioner developed highly robust Section-door-system for greatest durability and leak tightness.
  • Compact, transportable design with an integrated filter unit
  • Extremely bright, glare-free illumination of the blasting cabin-Inside room
  • Extremely economical Price-performance ratio
  • Portable under run construction by hand lift truck

Quick informationInternal dimensions







Rubber lining

This lining prevents that the blasting material is being destroyed needlessly by hitting the cabin wall. There are blasting material savings of up to 50 %.
The rubber lining also has a noise reducing effect, while it´s optimum visibility inside the blasting room

Air blow-out gun

to clean and blow-out the blasted parts and to clean the cabin walls.

Special accessories:

Passing through openings for long material
(approx. 30×30 cm)

Manual rotary tables in various versions.

Manual separate or built-in rotary table, optional automatic solution possible We reserve the right of technical modifications!

External dimensions: Internal dimensions:
Width 1200 mm approx. 1000 mm
Depth 1400 mm approx. 900 mm
Height 2000 mm approx. 850 mm


Air consumption from 600l/min to 1.500 l/min
Nozzle Ø 8 mm Service life: approx. 800 – 1000 blasting hours
Working pressure 2 to 12 bar
Load capacity approx. 300 kg
Piece loading angled front hinge flap
Power supply 400 Volt
Current draw 0,60 kW


Use of 1 piece of the dust filter cartridge with 10 m² filter surface ==> Click here for more info

Extremely low power input through innovatively fan technology with highest air capacity

Automatic dust filter cleaning by “jet cleaning” by means of compressed air from a separate pressure vessel

Arm set

Would you like to fix the sandblasting nozzle in the sandblasting cabin and guide your component with both hands?

Rotary table ø 600 mm

up to 200 kg load capacity, manual handled

Automatic rotating basket
Automatischer Drehkorb

Ø approx. 400 mm, loading of the basket: approx. 10 – 15 kg, with infinitely variable speed control, timer and blasting head holder for processing small, pourable parts.

Automatic Rotary table

Ø 600 mm, up to 200 kg load capacity, with variable speed control, timer clock and blasting head fastener

Rotary table ø 500 mm

up to 40 kg load capacity, manual handled

Frequency control cartridge filter

for variable regulation of the suction output

Rotary table ø 600 mm

up to 200 kg load capacity, manual handled

Lateral passing through openings
Seitliche durchschiebeoffnungen

ideal for large parts that have to be pushed through the cabin while blasting

Turntable ø 850 mm, extendable
Drehteller herausfahrbar

The turntable can be pulled out about half way and is operated manually. Maximum load capacity is 160 kg

Assembly trolley including turntable ø 600 mm
Bestuckungswagen drehteller

up to 200 kg load capacity, manually operated, the turntable with the pick-and-place trolley can be moved in front of the cabin and then pushed into the blasting chamber.

Extraction systems with cartridge filters & pocket filters

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